Cage Gear prides itself on employing some of the best technicians and engineers the industry has to offer. When it comes to on-site assistance and emergency breakdowns, we answer the call 24/7.

Field Services for Industrial Gears

Cage Gear offers a wide range of on-site services for gear maintenance, including:

  • Experienced technicians and engineers for planned or emergency repairs

  • Predictive and preventative maintenance

  • Vibration analysis

  • Non-destructive testing

  • Recommendations for future maintenance and inspections

  • Machine supervision

  • Borescope condition reports

  • Scheduled maintenance

  • Condition assessment of critical plant equipment

  • Installation supervision

  • Rush breakdown repairs

Our borescope program creates in-depth analysis for preventive maintenance

Cage Gear is very proud of our borescope program. Equipped with the latest borescope technology, we are committed to giving our customers the most detailed and informative analysis reports in the industry. Borescope analysis is a valuable tool when it comes to preventing critical failures and costly downtime. Please click below to see a Cage Gear sample borescope report.

Borescope analysis for maximum uptime

Trust us to deliver leading edge borescope technology for preventive maintenance.