A worn cable drum or sheave doesn’t always need to be discarded or replaced. Contact Cage Gear to have equipment evaluated. Broken equipment is often a candidate for refurbishment allowing a significant amount of time and money to be saved without compromising safety or function.

Crane Equipment Repair

Crane Equipment Services

Cage gear offers many services for the manufacturing, servicing, and repair of your crane equipment, including:

  • Non-destructive testing

  • Re-grooving

  • Bearing journal repairs

  • Cage Gear can repair and manufacture cable drums up to 75″ in diameter and 200″ long.

Types of Crane Equipment Serviced

Cage Gear manufactures and services the following crane equipment:

  • Bridge drives
  • Trolley drives
  • Hoist drives
  • Cable drums/rope drums
  • Wheels
  • Sheaves
  • Paper roll grabbers
  • Coil grabbers
Crane Equipment Repair

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Manufacturing, service, and refurbishment on crane equipment.

Crane Equipment Repair