Cage Gear has grown to be recognized as a leading gearbox repair specialist. Our dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen and engineers are experienced with gearbox units from a wide variety of manufacturers across the world. Our staff is equipped to reverse engineer parts of any unit, as well as provide drawings.

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Cage Gear is a custom gear manufacturer that can produce gears from 2.00’’ diameter up to 180.00’’ diameter and up to 1 Diametral Pitch, 25 Module and 3.00” Circular Pitch.

Our Mission

Our goal is to exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering high quality commercial gear products and top-notch service. We strive to offer the best value for gear procurement dollars to our customers. We do this by providing high quality commercial gear products, prompt deliveries, and a competitive price. We will grow the business by expanding our sales team and provide an environment which allows our employees the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. At Cage Gear we are committed to overcoming adversity and finding solutions to our customer’s problems.

Founder David J. Churbock


A worn Cable Drum or Sheave doesn’t always need to be discarded or replaced. Contact the Cage Gear team. We can evaluate the equipment for you.

Our Location – Canton, Ohio

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